Can’t Stop, Smarty Party, Wizard

Not much to say on Can’t Stop and Wizard – except that I’m always impressed at how well they’ve held up to repeated play. They’re still filler, sure, but really good filler. Wizard is great because it’s so good with 6, and it’s probably best at that number (3 and 4 can take absolutely forever to play, not so good).

As for Smarty Party, a new game from R&R games … I can take it or leave it. Plusses: it’s short, the pace is pretty brisk so it doesn’t overstay its welcome, and is modestly amusing. Minus: the game is all in the lists, and the subjects chosen did not inspire. With us, it was all or nothing, and the classic trivia “you know it or your don’t”, with no scope for educated guessing. Nobody in our group watches The West Wing or Sponge Bob Squarepants, so when that came out, we were hosed; The Fellowshp of the Ring, on the other hand … compare with the Lord of the Rings Trivia Game. The only really interesting list was “ways to kill a vampire and major financial indicies”, although to give you an idea of how ludicrously xenophobic this game is, the Nikkei and DAX are apparently not major financial indicies but AMEX is. The lists also often reduce large categories like Grimm’s Fairy Tales using a “well known” prefix, which usually just leaves knowledgeable players wondering which stories are “well known”. The lists could have been a lot more interesting, as it was it was just a trivia quiz without any inherent interest, nobody saying “that’s interesting” after hearing the answers. Not terrible, but not one I’d really be interested in playing again.


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