Selling Games on eBay

A few more games onto eBay … the D&D 3.0 core rulebooks I couldn’t sell at Conquest, now that we’ve upgraded to 3.5. The Sword & Fist sourcebook was a bust, mainly a bunch of munchkin prestige classes unfortunately. Since I recently picked up the new-ish (and better, IMHO) d20 Babylon 5 game from Mongoose, I can live without the old Chameleon Eclectic product. I am torn on parting with my Jeffery Doyle autographed core book for The Babylon Project though, I’ll probably hold onto that, and it has one nice GMs screen which I’ll also keep for the moment. I have never been a big fan of The Gamer’s SCS games, so Ardennes hit the door as I continue to pare this series back to its essentials, now just Fallschrimjaeger and Gazala (this was also influenced by my recent acquisition of Ardennes ’44 from GMT – dissimilar games of course, but how many Bulge games do you need?). Lastly, Advanced Civ … if you’ve followed my opinions for any length of time, you know what I think of that game … but also, we have two copies (both Kim and I owned one), and one is probably sufficient. Plenty of people love the game, so perhaps it will find a good home. As for the North Wind Rain and Up Front deck, these are just some extras that I have no need for; I still have another Up Front action deck in shrink, and the duplicate North Wind Rain was due to an error in my subscription.


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