D&D: Questing in Krandia

Mentaku (me) and Melana (Kim) continued their quest, along with a couple of extraneous haflings, for the Blood of the Gods today with some mixed success. This is Shay’s setting and adventure, with some unusual elements: metal breaks down somehow on the island, leading the natives to rely on a variety of nonmetal items for currency, weapons, armor, etc., that generally makes combat less lethal. In an attempt to circumvent the high power of mage spells, arcane spells have increasingly high chances of failure as their level increases. This latter feature is a reasonable attempt to solve one of D&Ds major problems, but somehow D&D without the Wizards & Sorcerers …

My character is a “legitimate businessman” Rogue, and I had a blast going around making business deals and generally being haughty and condescending towards the fighter-type NPCs and talking my way out of stuff … a very nice change from hack & slash. Also a nice and enjoyable change for me from the more disciplined characters I am usually attracted to, and have played up until now (like my Monk Makai). On the other hand, one of the things our group is working on is getting adventure times down. Like boardgame designers, authors, and other creative types, it’s a huge temptation to throw every good idea you have into a given adventure, but it seems vital to know what to take out, stick to the essentials. I haven’t yet DMed for this group, although my slot will be coming up before too long, but Kim has DMed a lot and I work with her to deal with some of these issues.

Bottom line, though, I’ve enjoyed the roleplaying we’ve been doing quite a bit, to the point I’ve even felt I should be scaling back my euro games in order to pick up another RPG session or two a month. It’s good fun, and really flexes some creative muscles in a way boardgaming doesn’t. I’m currently working on an adventure for Decipher’s Lord of the Rings RPG which I hope to be able to rope some of the local LotR fanatics into.


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