Wizard Kings: Surprise Attack

I’ve been very happy to be getting to play a bit more Wizard Kings recently, as this game has a lot of great properties – quick-playing, lots of decisions, flavorful, exciting.

Carl & I got in two games today, both of the Surprise Attack scenario which is on my web site. First one (Dwarves vs. Elves) was a time-tested matchup, and went well. I lost this game mainly due to a faulty strategy reinforced by bad luck. I think there probably is only one valid strategy for the Dwarves, making the main thrust on the flank while sending a pinning force into the heart of the forest, and I should have realized that sending the main force into the forests was a bad idea.

Second game was a variant that had not been previously played, Frekin attacking Dwarves. This was a crushing Ferkin victory, and I think the scenario will need some tweaking. One map will be switched (too many gold too near the edge), and the Dwarves will get a few more gold at start (mainly because unlike the elves, they don’t gain a combat advantage from their Mountain “nativity”.

In both scenarios, I’m going to put a limit on the number of chaos units available. One of the gimmicks here is that the attacker has to wade through very unfriendly terrain. By allowing access to a wide range of chaos units (I’ve added two boxes worth), things got a bit out of hand – the Ferkin used no less than 7 chaos blocks, which allowed them to circumvent the terrain more than I had hoped. So I think I will put a limit of 4.

I have a couple more scenarios that I’ve been working on recently, and hopefully I can get them posted and my long-dormant Wizard Kings website updated.

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