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Tigers in the Mist: One problem with being as aggressive about keeping the size of the game collection down as I am is that occasionally you make a mistake. I sold off my copy several years ago after being unimpressed with a couple playings, but by recent success playing Ukraine ’43 lead to my acquisition of Ardennes ’44 and more interest in the Bulge, a battle which traditionally hasn’t really engaged me for some reason. Perhaps my antipathy for Patton. Another factor was my current lack of anything really low-end on the wargame side as the SCS titles have hit the door, and TitM is definitely better than SCS. Anyway, fortunately I think it’s my first “repurchase” of a game I bought after I started making real money, so I’m not too upset about it, and it’s back on the shelves now looking for a chance to play.

Arcana Unearthed: While I like D&D in principle, a lot of things bug me – the main ones being the problematic core classes and weak magic system. AU was billed as solving both of these problems, with a much wider range of more flexible core classes, more interesting races, and a much more interesting and subtle magic system – all the while being d20 and basically recognizable D&D (a “variant player’s handbook”, it says on the cover). I got a little more than I bargained for, because the setting is much more ingrained in the book (not unexpected, perhaps), while I would have preferred something comparatively generic, just better-executed than D&D 3.0/3.5. Still, a system I’d very much like to play.

Earthforce Sourcebook: From Mongoose, who has wisely billed this whole series as an RPG/set of Babylon 5 Coffee Table Books. Lots of good information, very attractive B5 stills (remember the awful ones on Precedence’s CCG?), and the RPG appears good to boot. d20 Babylon 5 has good prestige classes, Star Wars d20 has good prestige classes, why do D&D’s prestige classes suck like a souped-up hoover? Sigh.

Lord of the Rings Tradable Miniatures Game: Another LotR game with a huge name. I have just enough enthusiasm to get a couple boosters and give it a try, but anytime I hear the word “ultra-rare” I get squeamish. Nice figs, though, way better than those new fairly wretched D&D figs, and the game looks decent. Hope to try it soon so I can get ’em onto eBay if it’s no good,

New on order: YINSH & Lord of the Rings: The Duel from Funagain, Anno 1503, Attika (the next Settlers? Oh, please …), Carcassone – Die Burg, and Intrige from Adam Spielt (should be here in two weeks).

Soon to eBay: An extra copy of Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage (2 is probably enough), Lord of the Rings TCG foils at least and probably the rest of the cards.

Dominating all this on the horizon, however: Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game: The Return of the King, due next weekend.


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