D&D: Questing in Krandia

The thrilling conclusion to the quest for the Tears of the Gods was finished off today, with a slightly reduced compliment (Billy the Burgler was absent, as was Nobby the Halfling Fighter/Barbarian – Sean and I covered the characters to give enough firepower to get through the encounters). The main highlight was the climactic discovery in which the party realized the Tears of the God crystal was slightly larger than your usual crystal, and larger than we had expected – about 1.5 metres across and half a ton in weight. This made extraction something of a chore.

Shay has done some really neat stuff with this module, and overall I think it was quite successful. There were a few issues; mainly length, this ended up being some 4 sessions instead of the expected 2-3. As I mentioned last time, this is an ongoing issue our group needs to work with though. Also, Shay had put in some nice subtle touches that were, I think, just too subtle. This is something I now remember from my old Traveller GMing days, if you (the GM) think it’s subtle, most likely the players will miss it entirely.

Next up is either a module I will run over Thanksgiving, or Sean will start running a multi-session adventure starting in early December. Sean offered us a choice between a T20 (Traveller d20) or D&D game, and it looks like the group will go for D&D, an adventure set in Kim’s Pame’a setting (with the T20 game possibly at a later time). I could have gone either way; I’d like to play more of the other d20 settings – I’ve been running some 1:1 games of Star Wars d20 for Kim, and I like that take on d20 better than D&D. d20 has issues (mainly, the odd probabilities involved in skill checks), but the tremendous portability is a huge plus.


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