Theodred Falls, Attika

This was my second play of the Theodred Falls scenario from the War of Saruman booklet, which features a group of Riders of Rohan trying to delay a very large force of Uruk-Hai from breaking through, without losing Theodred (Theodin’s son, for those who may not recall). Today’s lesson: Uruk-Hai backed up by pikes in a tight formation are an almost-unstoppable force. It’s bad enough they have a higher fight, higher strength, higher defense … then when they can fight 3 ranks deep, well, it’s not good. The Riders have a huge problem too with their larger base size, which makes it harder to concentrate your firepower. Also makes it a lot easer when you roll well. The only good news is that the Uruk-Hai have only 6 turns to break through. Anyway, the Riders were slaughtered, which was not unanticipated, but also lost Theodred, so a bad guy victory. Although not a truly great scenario, it is interesting and plays quickly, and there actually aren’t that many scenarios in which the Uruk-Hai really get to use those pikes so that’s kind of cool.

Attika was then a bit of filler after the minis was over. The choices for our one boardgame were Global Power, Attika, and ad acta. ad acta was discarded as being too much of a brain-burner, and in the end we went with Attika based on the fact that almost everyone I’ve taught it to so far has quite liked it. I’m now about 5 plays in myself and I must admit I’m cooling a bit. It’s a good game, but it definitely has downtime/analysis paralysis issues that seem out of line with the amount of fun or real control in the game, sort of like Carcassonne. Definitely better than Carcassonne in my opinion, but still has a bit of that “hurry up and wait” feeling.

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