More new additions and a couple subtractions

A new Adam Spielt order came in the other day:

Flaschenteufel – another truly bizzare trick-taking game from the guys who brought us Twilight/Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, I played this in its original edition and enjoyed it, so I picked it up.
Dschengis Bohn – I liked Bohnaparte, it was cheap, and I own every other Bohnanza expansion, so why stop now?
Die Fugger and Zauberschwert & Drachenei – Usually I won’t bother with Adlung’s stuff, because I think it’s too expensive in the US. But whenever I put in an Adam Spielt order, I’m always tempted to pick up one or two since they’re so cheap. I’m usually disappointed, but hey, I remain optimistic, in memory of Verrater I suppose. These two look OK.
Schwartzarbeit – I really liked Andrea Meyer’s ad acta, and anytime a small-press company impresses me with their first outing, the second game becomes a mandatory purchase. This looks weird enough that I’ll love it but probably not get enough chance to play it.
Furio – Another small-press game with an interesting theme (for those of us in California).
Rückkehr der Helden – when I saw it was clearly inspired, or at least informed by, Magic Realm, it had to be mine! Looks cool but will it be good enough to be a repeat draw? After going through the rules, it’s hard to say.
Urland expansion – I like Urland, the expansion was cheap, and the base game could use some more genes. Looking forward to playing it, but Urland doesn’t come out a whole lot any more.
Yellowstone Park – By all counts this will disappoint, but you never know, and we recently had a very nice trip to Yellowstone, so it was my one purchase which I suspect was probably ill-advised but I went with anyway.

A few more new items:
Age of Napoleon – That last play convinced me to pick up a copy of this.
Minbari Federation Sourcebook – Another new book in Mongoose B5 line. I felt guilty picking it up because I don’t know how likely it is I will ever play, but it’s a good and entertaining read anyway. The section on the US RDA of Vitamins and Minerals for Minbari might have been over the top.

And going, going, gone:
Dark Tower – Kim had a copy of this in her attic back in Columbus, which her parents recently sent to us. I was actually initially reluctant to sell it for nostalgia purposes, but Kim was insistent. I played a couple games with the tower to test it out, and I was bored almost immediately … so it hit eBay right away. It’s not a terrible game for sure, but it’s hardly worthy of mention today. Except that the going rate for a copy seems to be about $200.
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage – Don’t panic, it’s my third copy, and I felt two was enough, again considering the premium it gets on eBay and it’s inevitable eventual rerelease.


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