First Game of 2004

Kim & I played a round of Starship Catan for our first game of the year … I won after Kim went for the strategy of accumulating lots of money, boosters, and cannons. Somewhat amusing since she had pioneered the “the game is won on points, not attachments” advice for newbies way back when Starfarers first came out. Kim is usually good at this game actually, but it’s been quite a while since we played to the point that we had to review the rules.

Each game I try to start with a different module; this game I went with the Trade module. Actually, I couldn’t quite bring myself to use it as the very first, so I went with a more traditional Sensor for the first and then bought Trade next. This actually turned out to be quite useful, and I think I needn’t have worried, I could have used it for the very first. I think all but the Science module are perfectly legitimate choices for your opening module, and they all lead to different games, if subtly so.

Is it just me, or does it seem that the IV level encounter cards are completely wasted? It seems a virtual impossibility to ever reach them – I’ve never been in a game that has even come close.

In the process of playing this game, I ran across my printouts of the two expansions that Klaus Teuber did for this game, which I mounted but never cut out. I still would like to try them sometime.


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