Lock ‘n Load

After Matt & I had our successful play of this game a couple weeks ago, we decided to move on to a bigger scenario, Unexpected Visitors (the second in the “programmed instructions” ordering, in that it contains no extra rules over the “intro” scenario). This one features a company or so of Americans attacking some NVA holed up in a village with a big honkin’ machine gun in a second story window. The Americans have to contend with the fact that they simply don’t have any weapons capable of dealing with said MG until they close the range, which has to be done over at least some open ground; and even after the range is closed, they are dueling with roughly firepower parity but with much less cover. To make matters worse, the NVA squads are actually slightly superior to their US counterparts, and the US has only a slight numerical advantage (9:7). So it’s an uphill battle; the Americans have to make the most of the fact that they are able to concentrate their firepower at one point on the NVA perimeter and open up the odds early before the NVA can concentrate, and just hope that MG doesn’t do too much damage. All in all, a tough one on the US, I think; but then again, I thought the same for the first scenario first time out, but the second playing the US won handily.

This was another scenario with some pretty dramatic events (if you play this, note that there is a glitch on the scenario card – there is an event “D” on the flipside of the scenario which you’ll need to set up also. It’s easy to miss). They are fun and spice up the scenario quite a bit, although they do make it pretty unpredictable and in this case, will definitely affect the replay value; more than that I won’t say, so you can experience it if you play.

I like the “special powers” for the Heroes in this game. I think they add a nice bit of personality to your guys, and give the game some flavor. Matt picked up a Sniper who was an incredible pain, and a Hero with supposedly Eagle Eyes … who was never able to actually spot anything. On the other hand, the rules for Medics are definitely rather odd. I had a Hero (a pathfinder who reduced movement in the jungle … quite helpful) who kept getting shot, and the Medic would just come up, patch him up a bit, and send him back to the front good as new. While I sympathize with the desire to acknowledge the heroics of combat medics, I think they are out of place in this game – I don’t think medics generally decided who to treat for tactical reasons (I’ve got a bunch of wounded guys here, but over there is a much more important wounded 7-1 leader). In ASL-ese, a tactical unit with a great combat medic really ought to just get an ELR boost or something.

All in all, a fun game, and I look forward to our next match.


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