Hammer of the Scots

Carl recently moved so we haven’t had a chance to have one of our occasional rounds of Columbia games; we took the opportunity now, Hammer of the Scots again. Same sides as lat time, when I lost as the Scots after they had been on an impressive winning streak.

The game stated out as a rerun of last time – Wallace heads south, but the English play a Sea Move to fortify Mentieth before he can link up with Bruce. This makes the Scottish player’s job much harder. Wallace does make it to the south, but the Scots control of center of the board is shaky. After turn 2, I made a slightly gutsy decision to winter Wallace in Selkirk Forest to keep a 4-factor Infantry block alive that would otherwise have had wintering issues … but Carl has the 3 card required to take a shot at him, gets lucky, and is able to kill him. Losing Wallace is always disheartening early, but remembering that Columbia games are often games of player morale, I pull back into the north and crown Comyn king. This is bad, as it takes my strength down to near-zero – just the King, Comyn, Moray, maybe two other nobles, and two infantry blocks.

Things would still get worse before they got better; the two infantry blocks are eliminated before we have to call it a night, but the Scots are still hanging on, the King is a strong block, those rather pesky Norse show up, and northern Scotland is a long ways from Hadrian’s Wall. To be continued …


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