Just a few quick comments for a quick session in which we only finished 3-4 turns:

This is, I think, where things are starting to look pretty grim for the Germans. Most of a fresh British battalion landed just outside Leros to close the noose around the Germans holed up there, just remnants of two battalions that have taken very heavy casualties in the infantry arm. The Luftwaffe field battalion holding south of Leros was completely overrun (not a shocker given their 5 morale, but still). The Fallschrimjaegers, who have held on but who were badly depleted after a dicey initial landing were pushed out of their blocking positions in a confused melee. And both British battalions encircling Leros got their attack orders rolling. Not good.

While I fully expect it will be a tough fight, in all honesty these Germans are not very good troops; except for the excellent Fallschrimjaegers, platoon-for-platoon the German OOB is not a match for the British. We need those heavy weapons that land in the second wave. Unfortunately, it looks like the reinforcements will land just a few turns too late; the pier is not very secure and a concerted British effort will likely push us off of it, in which case we are doomed.

I thought the central landing area would work out, but in retrospect it was too big of a gamble. It’s no longer 1941, and these Germans just aren’t tough enough to tangle with Brits; plus, we had some rather bad luck on the initial landings, which our position couldn’t afford.

At the end of the day, though, I choose to blame it all on the Luftwaffe. While our air support has achieved a few results, given we get 3-4 planes every single turn the lack of any real significant contribution from them has been pretty impressive. I’ll have to run the numbers some time, see what you can actually expect, but after all the hype as to how the Luftwaffe was the decisive element of this campaign, I certainly expected a bit more.

Anyway, I expect 2-3 more sessions should wrap it up.


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