If you recall, after last session the Germans were in real trouble. They were backed in to the city of Leros, which is out on a broad peninsula. The infantry arm had suffered heavy casualties. We had no heavy weapons. The Fallschrimjäger troops in Portolago has been driven off with heavy casualties. And two fresh British battalions were poised on the outskirts of Leros, ready to launch their attacks, and interdict the critical pier.

Things were not as they seemed, however. The critical problem from the British point of view was that the fresh battalion south of Leros had as its objective not Leros or the pier, but Portolago to the west – the op sheet had been written up hours ago when the situation was less clear. So rather than being able to make a quick right turn and terminally stall the German operation, they instead pressed on to the now-irrelevant city of Portolago that the Fallschrimjägers had already abandoned.

Which allowed the German reinforcements, including some light armor, the heavy artillery, heavy mortars, elements of several infantry battalions, and some heavy flak guns to pour into Leros, turning the tide of battle almost immediately. The artillery right away started pounding British point units, the mortars (which are seriously overpowered in this system by the way) started supporting the forward units, and all of a sudden the British attack from the north looked much more tenuous, especially since what looked like the southern concentric supporting attack was in fact not going to happen.

So things went from looking pretty rosy for the Brits to looking pretty ugly. Once the Luftwaffe starts shooting again in the morning, especially since we’ve wiped out their AA defenses, it seems unlikely they’ll be able to hold out for two more whole days.

I did some research on the net, and the general sense seems to be that the campaign is pro-German. Early on that didn’t seem very likely to me, but now I am willing to entertain the thought. We took about the riskiest strategy possible and it didn’t exactly pan out as we hoped, but it still looks like we should probably be able to pull it out. Still, it was a nearly-run thing. If that British battalion had orders to go after Leros instead of Portolago, things might be very different.

One last thing, I have to say that the night rules in TCS are a joke. There are no restrictions on what you can do at night, and visibility is still what, 250 meters? And the plentiful and infallible illuminating rounds makes even those restrictions almost moot. ASL has awesome night rules, even if they are a bit heavy, and TCS really, really needs to be improved in this respect. The 4.0 beta night rules are actually even worse, if that’s possible. A shame. TCS is an interesting system, but playing a big campaign game like this you certainly get to see its weaknesses as well.

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