When we last played, the German’s hopes had been saved by the fact that one British battalion had turned left instead of right. Today, that errant battalion accepted some new orders, to join in on the attack on Leros.

This resulted in basically the entire orders of battle on both sides blasting each other at close range. Both sides took a serious beating, as the Luftwaffe field units on the south side of Leros had their front line turned, and several hexes were rolled up by brutal crossfire. On the other hand, a couple 88s on the frontline and the newly-arrived artillery battalions also started dishing out some brutal fire, which combined to chew up the attackers pretty well. On the northern flank, the British attack was compromised by parts of a reinforcing German battalion actually landing behind them, resulting in a very confused melee with no clear result yet.

By the end of the session, with morning (and the intervention of the Luftwaffe) just a few turns away, the southern assaulting battalion had been chewed up and stalled, although not without loss to the defenders also (including one of the 88s).

We discovered one rule we had been misplaying last time. The basic rule is, illuminating rounds don’t scatter. The specific game rule is, Illuminating rounds do scatter. Sigh. Not a huge difference I think as we would have plastered everything with IR regardless, but it does make a difference (the no-scatter IR in the series rules is pretty dumb anyway). We also realized that we can user our plentiful mortars to drop IRs too, so basically both sides have access to as much IR as they realistically want, which lead to the night turns being little different from the day turns, just a one shift left on most fire and a one shift right on most morale checks.

We thought that the once the Germans landed their heavy equipment the British might be doomed, but we decided there was still enough game left in there to keep playing, at least another session or two. The Brits are in a hurting way, but it’s by no means a done deal.


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