Game Night

Just an abbreviated session tonight, after Carl didn’t get the message that the session was cancelled and showed up anyway. So we played a couple shorter, 3-player games.

First was San Juan. Kim tried building the Chapel as her very first building, and loading it up with a VP every turn, but even 12VPs this route wasn’t enough to win. Carl did well with the Guild Hall, and won. I’ve heard some speculation that the Guild Hall is too strong, and there is some possibility that might be true … but then again, Puerto Rico went through the same phases of this and that being perceived as overpowered, so no judgment from me on this yet.

I haven’t played Trias in a long time, and it was good to play this one again. It works quite well with 3, and is quite a nice game. A little on the analytical side, perhaps, and not quite as interesting as Urland – but the breaking up and migration of regions makes it nice and unique. Sort of Carolus Magnus in reverse, although in the end I think Trias is a better and more robust game than Carolus Magnus. This game was incredibly close, with Kim winning by one point and Carl and I tied for second. I used the 3-point optional drift action to score lots of intermediate-scoring points, and build up my own island, but Carl and Kim were eventually able to migrate to it and freeload on my good work. It’s really, really hard to get a valuable island of your own.


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