Return of the King: Minas Tirith

So which really is better, Gandalf the White (200 points) or the Witch-King on a Fell Beast (also 200 points)? On paper, it looks like a no-brainer – the Witch-King has 20 will, 3 might, a higher defense, good spells, and that fell beast which gives him 3 attacks and a flying movement rate of 12″. All Gandalf gets is 6 will and his free will per turn.

That free will per turn, though, is a big deal. And Gandalf’s spells, especially the Ultimate Sorcerous Blast and Effortlessly Immobilise, are quite potent. After the Witch King had spend half a dozen will points draining all Gandalf’s will, that free will still allows Gandalf to cast spells almost every turn. And his 3 wounds and 3 fate makes him tough to eliminate, even by the Mordor Troll.

So this matchup is very interesting. Unlike, say, in The Queen’s Gambit where the Jedi and Sith just roll lots of dice until one survivor joins the rest of the battle and starts ripping through the line troops, there are a lot more interesting choices here, and Gandalf has to choose between dealing with the Witch-King and the also extremely deadly Mordor Troll.

The real difficulty with the big models is getting them to eliminate more than one enemy model per turn as the enemy just feeds him a sacrificial unit each turn. Not bad, but you expect a bit more for your 200 point investment. Our Witch-King was perpetually tied down by a single Fountain Court Guard, and we had bad luck with our Heroic Combat results (I think the Witch-King lost every single one of his follow-on combats).

The turning point in this game was when the Mordor Troll was taken down after being surrounded by Warriors of Minas Tirith; in our admittedly small sample size of games, nobody had managed to even touch one of these guys before. While you’ve got to put these guys on the front line obviously and take your chances, I could have done a much better job of watching his flanks, because it was the double-strikes for being surrounded that were fatal.

This was a great scenario, I look forward to playing it again and highly recommend it.


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