Game Night

Lord of the Rings Trivia is one of the few trivia games I’ve been able to reliably enjoy. One reason is certainly the subject matter, but another is also that I’ve always felt that the questions were of a fairly reasonable difficulty level. This time, though, we got some of the toughest questions I’ve ever had to field in this game. Usually I figure I know about half of the answers and can pretty well guess half of the rest, but this time I knew a lot less then that.

As we’ve played this game more, we’ve taken to playing with double the starting resources and allowing 3:1 trades (instead of 5:1), to cut down on some of the tedious die-rolling even good players have to go through – the ring requirements at the end are insane. I think you actually could comfortably triple the starting resources without much trouble.

I’ve somehow resisted playing Thingamajig all this time because a) it looked like a gimmick game, and b) R&R doesn’t have a great track record. How it works is that each player in turn pushes a button on the device to get a new word. He or she then gives a clue to the rest of the players, which can be as long or as short as you like, but can’t use the word in question. Then everyone guesses the word. Everyone who guesses correctly gets a point, and the reader gets one point for everyone who guesses the word … unless everyone correctly guesses it, in which case you get nothing. This is simple and rather clever, in that you have to be just slightly indirect with your hints, and getting this right is not trivial. For a quick, simple little word game, I liked this one a lot and will probably pick up a copy myself. Some players were suggesting it’s better with more, but I actually think the ideal number might be the 5-6 range.


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