Armies of Oblivion Podcast

It is now available on SoundCloud.

A quick bit of background on this episode:

Those of us who play ASL (even as infrequently as I do) have been waiting for Armies of Oblivion for, like, forever. I no longer have any idea how long. Since I still enjoy ASL from time to time, but am pretty far out of the loop, I thought it might be fun to do a podcast of my first impressions of the game – literally breaking the shrink wrap and looking it over, since I had little idea what to expect.

What the podcast ended up being is partly a look at the new ASL module, and partly a reminiscence about ASL and what makes it such a great game. Because not all of this episode will be of interest to everyone, I used the MPEG-4 format’s chapters to break things down. So if you have no interest in ASL specifically, I recommend skipping chapters 3, 4, and 6 (chapter 5 starts at roughly 20:50, chapter 7 at 30:40, for those using the MP3 format). Probably this episode is of the least interest to folks at the extremes, either those with no interest in wargames at all or long-time ASL die-hards who already own the game.

All that said, I hope you find something of entertainment value in there somewhere.


3 thoughts on “Armies of Oblivion Podcast

  1. Thanks for posting this again.

    I have this module and still have yet to play any of the scenarios from it. The general consensus seems to be that they are not all that great. Word is that some of the 3rd Party Axis minor scenarios are supposed to be excellent.

    Have you gotten any use out of this module?

    • Honestly, not much. The scenarios are really too large for my general playing slots, although I played at least one at ASLOK (I don’t remember it being that great). The variant 5-3-7 squads have come out a few times. The Hungarians have seen some action with Festung Budapest. But I generally think Armies of Oblivion is mainly for completists, it seems to me by far the least useful core module given that we had the Axis Minor infantry OOB already from Partisan!.

  2. Yeah — hoping to (start to) get to FB later this year. That looks promising, although the rules look somewhat byzantine.

    I’ve only played ~50 ASL scenarios and really only playing seriously in the last two years. Still, something I have come to appreciate is how long it took the community to figure out how to reliably design good scenarios for the system. While there are excellent scenarios (like the ones you mention in the podcast) in the older modules, they are typically enormous. By comparison, the Friendly Fire packs or the current ASL Action Packs seem to be bursting with memorable, unique, 3-6 hours scenarios.

    AoO has these old style scenarios and honestly, way too many counters. Like more than FKaC and CdG, combined, I suspect. I am hoping that the similarly delayed HP feels more like CdG with 2000s style scenarios. Because, like most ASL players, I can’t not buy a module. It’s some kind of mental illness.

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